The New Year

Well, it’s 2014. This year feels as though it has great potential. Some years the numbers feel awkward and filled with uncertainty. This is feels pretty good so far. Last year was superb. So what is there to look forward to this year?

Hopefully there will be more time to weave. Weaving was one of my new ventures. It does take time, but the results are awesome…most of the time.

There has already been more yarn dyeing happening. I hope to expand my lines some this year.

More knitting. Last year just didn’t have as much knitting time as I would have liked.

Travel. It’s back to Montana and a few other places. Here’s hoping that the mouse house is on the itinerary again.

Gershwin is hoping for fewer ill-fitting articles of clothing. What can I say? He’s a funny size.

So here’s to 2014.

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