You Went Where?


I love maps. For a long time, there was a 4×5 world map on the wall in my craft room. When we got our travel trailer one of the first things it needed was one of the maps for the back of the rig. Our rules are that we can only count a state that we’ve stayed in over night in the camper. North Carolina and Virginia are check off. What’s next?

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Transient Wool Merchants Camp

If you haven’t heard the news the new Transient Wool Merchant podcast should go live this week. Amy Manko and I are starting this new podcast about life as transient wool merchants. However, first we decided a vacation was in order. Amy lives in Pennsylvania and I’m down here in North Carolina. Our paths only cross at shows and there’s not much time for chat then. So we decided to meet in Winchester, VA, for a long weekend of fun. We both towed our travel trailers and met up at the Candy Hill campground. Scott and Wayne also came along for the ride.
The weekend was full of fun, food, and multiple trip to Walmart. There was also a trip to Camping World and a pedicure.



A little knitting and spinning happened as well. Fun was had by all and we’ll meet up again in Winchester for the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival in September. Next up is Montana. That should actually produce some pictures for the blog.

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On the Road Again

Well, not really. Not quite. But we did get something to help us along.

Say hello to the new travel trailer. It’s a 23 foot Passport 195BR. Technically it sleeps four. Yeah, us 2 humans and Schubert and Gershwin. It’s got all the amenities for road living. We’re pretty excited to take it out.
Learning to park it in the driveway was a an experience. Of course once my husband realized he was giving directions in reverse things improved dramatically. We’ve been tinkering with it. Learning to use the awning. Making sure we know how to operate the electric jack. Let’s just say the neighbors have enjoyed the show.
And then…I had to paint some more. Yeah.

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Slopping Paint

We are considering putting our house on the market…sometime. We’ve been here 5.5 years and some things are needing freshened up a bit. So I’m currently keeping Lowe’s in business single handedly with my paint purchases. My house is probably well protected by the layers of paint on the walls.

The half bath is finally getting a facelift. The poor thing has had nothing done to it other than a new light fixture. So we’re painting it to match the rest of the downstairs. That would be code for a neutral that leans towards yellow. The baseboards got a fresh coat of paint. The floor has entered experimental territory. We’re painting it. In the picture it only has one coat, but it looks miles better already.
Seaweed and Sand is down to one final chart repeat.


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Seaweed and Sand

Memorial Day is over and summer is just about here. The first of my piano students gets out of school for the summer today. The rest will finish the school year over the next two week. Summer and I have a tolerate/hate relationship. Here in North Carolina summer means heat and endless humidity. Mosquitos by the drove and did I mention heat and humidity. I love that my schedule is more flexible and that it’s swimming season, but the heat and humidity just wear me down.
We don’t get to the beach nearly often enough. The mountains are closer and cooler, but summer still means time by the water. So when I saw this little shawl pattern it seemed like a good plan.

The pattern is Pi in the Sky II- Seaweed and Sand by Jan Henley. It is a free pattern on Ravelry. I have no idea what the yarn is. It could be Cascade, but it came from the bottom layers of the stash so the ball band is long gone. With a tab start and 3 very simple charts this is quick knit.

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The spring wool festival season is over for Gerschubie. I can’t decide if that is a finally or an already statement. This spring was more successful than I could have imagined. Carolina Fiber Festival, Olde Liberty Fibre Fair, Powhatan Festival of Fibers, and Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival. The customers have been wonderful and sales outstanding.

Here is quick reminder of what the booth looked like at Carolina Fiber Festival. We also saw some wonderful scenery.


And now the next task to is to get everything upload to and to redye for Cottage Yarn and fall shows. The work doesn’t stop. Although, I may get distracted by this:


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Slightly Chaotic

Today This week is not going exactly according to plan. My allergies have been acting up, the weather is not cooperating, yarn is strange colors. I leave tomorrow for the Kentucky Sheep and Wool Festival in Lexington, KY. Yeah, see you there. It’ll all get done. Really.


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A Little Bit of Pretty

Last weekend was Maryland Sheep and Wool at the Howard County Fairground in West Friendship, Maryland. Two beautiful days of fiber, friends, and inspiration. Since I was helping out the in The Ross Farm’s booth, pictures just didn’t happen. So let me share with you what is probably my favorite purchase from the show.

This is a supported spindle and bowl from The Spanish Peacock. I met the owners of this company at my very first show in 2012. The products they craft are truly top notch quality. The products are also quite a challenge to come by as well. When I got out to do a little shopping on Saturday afternoon, the chances of me finding anything left in their booth was pretty slim. But what do you know, this little pretty was just sitting there waiting on me.
Learning to spin on it has been a bit of a challenge, but things are turning right along. The fiber pictured is 80% Merino and 20 % silk from Fiber Optic who was also at the show.


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She’s Never Gonna Sit Down

Somebody is sitting in my chair. The Powhatan Festival of Fibers is this weekend and dogs have given up on me sitting in the recliner anytime soon. Don’t they look despondent? The looked even worse when they realized today was bath day. The couldn’t believe that Mama would take time out of dyeing yarn just to give them a bath. Surely, her priorities are confused. Schubert and Gershwin sure lead a tough life.

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Olde Liberty Fibre Faire

This past weekend was the Olde Liberty Fibre Faire in Bedford, VA. This was my first year vending at the show and I was a little nervous. Last year’s show was cancelled so I had no idea how the day might go. I am happy to report that Gerschubie Fiber Arts had a wonderful day.

It’s really difficult to get the whole booth in one shot. The next show is Powhatan Festival of Fibers in Powhatan, VA. We will be bringing new colorways and old favorites. There will be tons of new stitch markers. Those stinkers just keep flying into shoppers hands!
I am going to try and be better about updating the blog with what is going on and new projects.

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