She’s Never Gonna Sit Down

Somebody is sitting in my chair. The Powhatan Festival of Fibers is this weekend and dogs have given up on me sitting in the recliner anytime soon. Don’t they look despondent? The looked even worse when they realized today was bath day. The couldn’t believe that Mama would take time out of dyeing yarn just to give them a bath. Surely, her priorities are confused. Schubert and Gershwin sure lead a tough life.

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Olde Liberty Fibre Faire

This past weekend was the Olde Liberty Fibre Faire in Bedford, VA. This was my first year vending at the show and I was a little nervous. Last year’s show was cancelled so I had no idea how the day might go. I am happy to report that Gerschubie Fiber Arts had a wonderful day.

It’s really difficult to get the whole booth in one shot. The next show is Powhatan Festival of Fibers in Powhatan, VA. We will be bringing new colorways and old favorites. There will be tons of new stitch markers. Those stinkers just keep flying into shoppers hands!
I am going to try and be better about updating the blog with what is going on and new projects.

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Carolina Fiber Festival

And here I was doing so well keep up to date on the blog. Things got a little crazy in the month before the Carolina Fiber Festival. I got a wicked cold that took forever to kick. A huge new order arrived 2 weeks before the show. Things were just a little nuts. The good news is that the show was a huge success.

Gerschubie feels so professional now with all the gridwall and black drapes. We get to show it off again tomorrow at the Olde Liberty Fibre Faire in Bedford, VA. Come out and see all the vendors. The weather is supposed to be great.

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It’s Baaaacckkk

Yarn for the first round of spring shows has arrived. Oh the agony of winding.

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New Pretties

The One Stop Shop Hop was a great success for Gerschubie Fiber Arts. A big thank you to everyone to came out and purchased from us. A bigger thank you Wayne for making it possible. I showed up just in time to pack up and load the car.

With spring shows just around the corner, I’ve started dyeing more yarn. Look at this:





The rainbow colorway is Aervyn. The other colorway is Raven. Both continue the naming series from the Witch Central books by Debora Geary. What is better than knitting witches?

Stay tuned for more new colors, a super big surprise, and maybe some coupons for the spring festivals.

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This week is getting a little wild. On Saturday Feb. 22, Gerschubie Fiber Arts will be participating in the One Stop Shop Hop at the USC-Lancaster campus. This event will be held in the Arts building.
The One Stop Shop Hop has been rescheduled from last weekend due to weather. Gerschubie was on the waiting list and I got a call on Tuesday that we got in. How exciting! Now for the really exciting part. I cannot personally be there. My presence is required at the National Federation of Music Clubs festival in Charlotte, NC. Since my students are playing that means I have to volunteer. I’ll be judging students from around the Charlotte area from 8 am to 3 pm. So who is going to the One Stop Shop Hop? My wonderful husband has agreed to work the booth.
Wayne knows quite a bit about fiber from hearing me go on and on about it. But cut the guy some slack if you see him. He’s doing me a huge favor.
Gerschubie will have yarn, roving, stitch markers, project bags, batts, and new tool cases. So come out and see Wayne at the One Stop Shop Hop in Lancaster, SC.

Gershwin aka the Ger in Gerschubie thinks it’s a great plan.

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That Was Your Plan

Really? Max thought this was a great plan. My husband disagreed.


Maxy-Doodle put himself to bed. I went looking for him and found him in the bed with the lights off.

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Life is Weird

You don’t really understand weird weather until you’ve lived in the southern US. In the past 2 weeks, we’ve had everything from snow to almost 70. In fact, they are predicting a high of 73 on Wednesday. So while Wednesday and Thursday looked like this

Today it is warm enough to do this

Yeah that would be fleece drying outside with snow in the back ground and it’s 54.
I bought this pound and half of fleece at the Maryland Sheep and Wool show last year. It was a coated with Corriedale or Cormo. Any paperwork is long gone. It’s just been sitting waiting on me to get around to washing it. It was so clean that a single wash in the sink and a one time rinse was enough. The water wasn’t hot enough to get rid of lanolin, but that can be taken care of after it’s spun during the dye process.


It’s so pretty.

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Snow Day

I love how my house looks when it snows. Several of my piano students have told me over the years that my house is how a house is supposed to look when you grow up. The pups and I are going to snuggle in and enjoy the snow and probably make more stitch markers.

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Stitch Markers

I’m still making stitch markers for Gerschubie’s spring shows. A few are making it up on to but most are just headed into stock.



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